How we helped the hospitality industry scale a gig platform.


  • Android
  • IOS


  • New Features
  • Maintance


  • 1 Mobile developer
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 UX/UI designer


GigPro is a gig platform focused on the hospitality industry. It helps restaurants, hotels, event companies and other related businesses find temporary staffing. It also helps people who are looking for flexible work, acting as a platform where they can find good, reliable work.


GigPro needed a tech team that could work fully remote during Covid 19 times. Furthermore, they did not have a large budget, so the team had to be affordable. They also needed to build the app from scratch.


They started working with a local company from South Carolina, but when that company raised its rates, GigPro scrambled to find an affordable solution. Then they reached out to IT Crowd. We helped them build a team, sourcing and hiring human resources which fit with the company culture. IT Crowd’s work has kept GigPro working to this day. We built and maintained the company’s platform and app.

React Native




What We Did

  • Built an affordable SR team of 3 people: a front-end dev, a back-end dev, and a product designer.
  • Developed and built a platform and an app.
  • Provided support and performed maintenance.
  • Became a tech partner who also helps them assess what’s best for the business.