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What Are We Here For?

IT Crowd is a strategic ally for American tech-driven startups and SMEs looking to design, build, and develop products by building software for them. The Internet and digital technologies are disrupting every industry and market, and we see software as one of the most powerful tools to create and transform businesses. In this scenario, companies can find in IT Crowd a flexible boutique software factory that leverages customized, cutting-edge technologies to meet each organization’s particular needs.

Meet the Crowd

Alejandro Isacovich


I see myself as a passionate explorer and enthusiastic entrepreneur. I’ve had the pleasure of leading IT Crowd since 2010; my biggest achievement is having a successful and meaningful company. I’m a fervent kite & snowboarder. Once a scientist, always a scientist. One hand pointing upwards, the other pointing down to Earth.

Pablo Wolfus


I have experience in technology and entrepreneurship. I am passionate about startups and their ecosystem, especially about the lean startup methodology to solve problems. I think of businesses as horizontal structures and have no qualms about getting my hands dirty helping devs with technical details. I like to paint.

Guido Valente


Techie and psychologist. I love working with people and making things happen. I like chocolate ice cream. I’m restless and love to come up with new ideas. Currently trying to play tennis. I like to understand how things work – and things that work.

Francisco Peña

Head of Engineering

A nerdy Patagonian road/XC cyclist. I pedal to keep my balance. I work under a Catalan vault and that is usually distracting. If you’re ready to party, count me in!

Ariel Odiz

Head of Design

Digital product designer with an eye for detail. Order freak and standardization pusher. Board game enthusiast, foodie and amateur singer.

Pablo Ignacio Ciocchini

Head of Partnerships

I always liked talking to people and now I dedicate myself to doing it professionally. Psychologist and lover of art and sports, especially soccer. I think humor makes life lighter.

Our Value

IT Crowd is a boutique software factory that provides high added value services for companies that seek to build innovative, scalable apps quickly and with outstanding cost effectiveness. IT Crowd is a service provider focused on developing software for third parties and outsourcing IT experts from Latin America. Its largest customers are US-based startups and SMEs, which choose IT Crowd as a strategic partner due to its flexibility and the strategic vision it adds to the products it designs and develops.


IT Crowd stands out from other agencies that sell services in an impersonal way to a mass audience thanks to its engagement and synergy with its customers’ business goals. We are small by choice, extremely robust, and have vast expertise. Our directors, leaders and engineers are far more experienced than the competition, allowing IT Crowd to start projects from scratch or seamlessly integrate into other development teams of software factories.

A Robust Career Path

IT Crowd has successfully completed more than 50 projects with leading American startups since 2009, helping its customers expand operations in a sustainable way and create new business units by building robust, innovative solutions. This value proposition can also benefit other American SMEs that need to build software solutions to deploy high-level digital transformation initiatives in their operations.

Our Values Are Our Guide


Our engineers, designers and developers’ expertise and technical skill are undeniable.


Our software factory is small by choice, which gives us flexibility, robustness, and an ability to listen to customers.


We work together with our customers in an honest way, tackling every link in the production process.


We are passionate about our work, and we strongly commit to everything we do. We guarantee highest quality work.