How we tailored a product testing platform to meet Nike standards.


  • Wep App


  • New Features
  • Maintance


  • 2 Frontend developer
  • 2 Backend developer
  • 1 Quality assurance
  • 1 UX designer


Mesh01 is a product testing platform. With a community of more than 40,000 testers, customers use the platform to find a group of testers that fits their needs. With customizable feedback forms and optional integrated shipping, the platform provides a comprehensive solution for brands to test products before putting them in the market.





The company signed a contract with Nike to restructure the whole platform by adding functionalities and building a new app. Mesh01’s CTO wanted a single codebase. They had been working with an Indian offshore company, but things didn't work out due to the low development quality, so they reached out to IT Crowd.


Mesh01 hired a team of up to 15 members, mostly developers, but also QAs and PMs. IT Crowd doesn’t just work with senior developers with real experience, we also want our team to have communication skills, so advanced English is a must. The flexibility of the Staff Augmentation service allowed Mesh01 to increase or decrease the number of developers depending on their needs and budget.

What We Did

  • Helped restructure the whole platform.
  • Built a new app from scratch.
  • Performed maintenance work.
  • Improved the entire Tech team’s daily routine.
  • Built a 3D platform in ThreeJS so brands can upload 3D of their products.
  • Currently migrating the platform from Angular 1.6 to Angular 12.