Staff Augmentation

Building Real Teams

Outsourcing technical staff is an excellent solution to grow your business or develop innovative software solutions. IT Crowd helps you hire experienced developers from a dozen Latin American countries for your projects. Besides outstanding cost-benefit, this allows you to avoid time zone issues: you can collaborate with our professionals in real time, as they share time zones with the USA and Canada.

Talent As a Service

IT Crowd delivers technical staff outsourcing services under the same rationale that guides its software factory’s projects: Using professional workers with high levels of expertise, commitment, transparency, attention to detail and most importantly, a thorough understanding of the value proposition for each product to be developed. In other words, we add business value thanks to the expertise of IT Crowd’s technical staff and project leaders.


What is Staff Augmentation?

Through our Staff Augmentation model, you will be able to increase your existing staff with IT Crowd’s resources. You will only pay for the hours they work, and you do not need to pay a recruiting fee.

What kind of technical talent can I hire through IT Crowd?

Our talent pool includes mainly software developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, DevOps engineers, and QA engineers. We do hire for other niche spaces, so if what you need is not in the list, just let us know. Technologies we work with include: Javascript, Ruby, Python, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, .NET Core (C#), Java, PHP. AWS, GCP and Azure. Selenium, Cucumber.

Is there a minimum commitment for hiring a resource?

We do not usually provide Staff Augmentation services for periods shorter than 3 months. However, depending on our current capacity, we may be able to allocate that for a shorter period.

How does IT Crowd vet the technical skills of candidates?

We’re flexible: we can do the technical assessment ourselves or let customers handle that. Our ultimate goal is that you, the customer, hit it off with the talent you’re going to work with.

Who manages and oversees the people I hire through IT Crowd?

If you hire an IT Crowd resource, you’re hiring the full capacity of IT Crowd behind them. We always follow up on our resources, making sure they do not create any overhead with your existing process. And we’ll also have our staffing manager available for our clients.

How does payment work when I hire IT Crowd’s Staff Augmentation services?

Payments will be processed through a US bank account, and IT Crowd will provide all required information. We accept wire transfers and ACH payments. You’ll be sending payments to a single account regardless of the number of resources you hire.

Can I hire personnel to work in real-time with me?

Yes! Our talent pool comes exclusively from the Latin America market, so all our members can overlap with the West and the East Coast time zones.